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The photo on the right shows five HMS Otranto crewmen. On 7 September 1918, he registered for WWI draft and was serving as the YMCA Ocean Transport Secretary en route to Paris when he sailed on the HMS Otranto. We place some essential cookies on your device to make this website work. On 6 Oct. 1918, during a heavy storm while carrying troops from America to Glasgow and Liverpool, HMS Otranto collided with the P&O liner H.M.S. He did say that it was a needed but terrible job to have to perform over a two-week period.. Also on his discharge papers, it gives the dates of his departure on Sept. 25, 1918 to go overseas, and his return date of January 14, 1919. Commander: Captain O. Cppers. Westfal Larsen. Roy C. Dilts was most likely in the same unit from Ft. Screven, Georgia as Cpl. He is buried in Grave 190 in Kilchomen, Islay Island, Scotland. His shoulder always caused him great pain and finally, he retired from his business in 1946, turning it over to my older brother Robert Morris Perrin, when he returned from WW II. Atlantic Flight 702 has disappeared mid-flight between London and New York with 256 passengers on board. Charles was serving during WWI and his unit, C.A.C. Six hundred men owe their lives to him. The records in this collection consist of passenger lists created between 1910 and 1939. To our great joy a British destroyer greeted our eyes, for here lay our only hopes. Finally, there is the summary section, which gives statistical detail on the number of passengers and usually a signature and stamp from the Board of Trade (BT), to which the list was sent by the shipping line. "Tel" or "Tel $" meaning Telegram, meaning they didn't have sufficient funds to travel to their intended destination, and they sent a telegram requesting money from a relative or someone else. Seaman Francis Edwin Turner is marked with the "X", middle of the back row. Passengers For New England, 1638, pg 108. The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H. E. Decker, commander, from Hamburgh 20th August, and Rio 17th October, arrived last evening, with 275 passengers, chiefly from Silisea and Saxony. However, in 1933, she was given a comprehensive refit to become a One Class Liner, accommodating just 770 Tourist Class passengers and she was listed as being 14,983 GRT. 1888-1940 are the official passenger lists for people arriving in Port Adelaide from overseas. However, in other instances, the port in question can be small and obscure, or now known by a different name, or not have a unique name. If you have research comments or additional information on this page E-mail them to: Joe Hartwell, [Return back to the Ships histories page] [ Return back to the Site Map ] [ Return to the Coast Artillery Corps page ], Pvt. Able Seaman Thomas Goodwin, Royal Navy Service Number 192409, was the son of Roger & Rebecca Goodwin and husband of Margaret. This means that you are likely to find what initially appear to be discrepancies when you click through to the image of the passenger list. Smith was assigned to Co. G, 1st Infantry, Ohio National Guard (Co. G 148 Infantry). If you also see a more generic option in the drop-down alongside specific ports, it is important to note that this is not an 'all ports' option. Pvt. mc N 761, in the Family History Area. You'll find steamship captains from Cunard, White Star, Inman, Guion, Anchor, American, Red Star, CGT French Line, and many others. There is no single, standard format. 56 corrugated furnaces with a combined grate surface area of 2,688 square feet (250m2) heated her boilers. He sailed aboard the HMS Otranto on the 25th September 1918 and he was killed during the 6 October sinking of the Otranto. They are divided into: 1. inward bound passengers "assisted" (subsidised) "unassisted" (paying their own way), or "coastal" (travelling to Victoria from an Australian port), and 2. outward bound passengers, regardless of destination. My mom put her engagement ring in the place where the pick was kept, a man came visiting next door to us, borrowed the mandolin when we got it back the ring was gone, she sent me over to ask him about it but he denied seeing it. Pearl B. Horn passed away in 1969. Marshal claims that the manuscript takes place "in the darkest ages of Christianity" but that the story's language is far . Oct. 13, 1918. Below is an article written in the Monroe Journal October 29, 1918: [1] The 1900 Union County, NC census (Vance Township, stamped page 278) indicates the month and year of his birth as November 1898 whereas the death notice puts his birth year as about 1894. Passenger lists vary in size and in length, they changed over time, and different shipping lines had their own pre-printed forms. My dad had written to my mother from Georgia asking her to bring me to the train station so he could see me before he went overseas, it seems the government was sending the troops through their hometowns so they could see their families before shipping out. Blair Witch launched the "found footage" horror trope and Otranto inaugurated the "Gothic." Interestingly enough, Otranto also employs a "found footage" gimmick with its first edition, pretending that the original manuscript was hundreds of years old, unearthed from the . River ports on such navigable rivers as the Amazon and the Yukon mean that, for example, inland locations such as Manaus (Brazil) and Dawson City (Canada) are included. He enlisted into the Regular Army at Columbus Barracks, Ohio on 7 August 1918 at the age of 20 years 8 months old. He joined the Army on a whim to help his family out of poverty. The Passengers of the May Flower in 1620 [pg 47] Passengers of the Mary and John, p. 265. For example, if there are no sailings from Ramsgate in Kent, there is no point in a researcher typing Ramsgate in a search field. I think I held to this chain for nearly an hour; but I wasnt lonesome, as two other soldiers were holding to the same chain. example: 1847 passenger list . Finally, the islands of the Caribbean have been grouped together under a single West Indies heading, with the exception of the large islands of Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Republic and Jamaica, which have their own entries. Newsome was born in Belvidere, North Carolina about 1897 and at the time of enlistment he lived at R. F. D. 5, London, Ohio. The Battle of Coronel took place on 1 November 1914 with the loss of the British ships HMS Good Hope and HMS Monmouth with very heavy loss of life. Your son, William Patrick Battle, Jr. was from Augusta, Georgia. Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) Search and download ( charges apply) lists of passengers boarding at UK and Irish ports and travelling to places such as America, Canada, India, New. Pvt. Pvt. Both were game-changers which popularized a new genre. McAfee was born in Coldwater, Ohio about 1897 and at the time of enlistment he lived at R. F. D. 1, Coldwater, Ohio. By providing the drop-down list, we save a researcher from searching for information which is not within the database. For November and December 1960 only, sea departure cards are available to view, as well as the regular passenger lists, in some cases. Arthur Harmon, No. The wildcard is denoted by a * and can be used in both the first name and the last name search fields. Dont worry about me Im all right, and if you dont hear from me regularly dont worry for you know the mails are so uncertain. He sailed aboard the, Among the names of 200 American soldiers who lost their lives in the sinking of the transport. This means that there can be two or even three originals of some of the passenger lists within the BT27 series. What do I need to know before I start? He is buried in Brookwood Cemetery in England. Secondly, a passenger who is shown as aged 30 on a voyage on 10th June 1935 may have been travelling on their 30th birthday and only just turned 30, or they may have been on the eve of their 31st birthday. Analysis. Orient. The first was a 1909 passenger liner that in 1914 became the armed merchant cruiser HMSOtranto and in 1918 was lost as a result of a collision. If you want to search all ports within a destination country, do not select a destination port. Norwegian Police Emigration Records (1867 - 1973). The conditions of the sea at that time were swells of 15 to 20 feet or more and men were being thrown across the deck of the ship. If your search returns a large number of results you may wish to sort them by clicking on the column heading, to help you scan the list of records. Pvt. She took part in the invasion of French North Africa later that year and the landings in Sicily and Salerno in 1943. Corporal Herbert A. Dodd drowned 6 October, 1918 during the sinking of the Otranto. Pvt. Please note that different ships with the same name have not been distinguished in the ship search. Replacement Unit #1, was being transported aboard the Otranto. Presumably Pvt. It was a ruby with pearls around it. In 1942 she was modified to carry landing craft as a Landing ship, infantry. The sea departure cards are not linked to corresponding passenger lists (where they exist), and so you may be returned two results for the same person on the same voyage. However, within this alphabetical listing there is also an entry called New Zealand. Old Calabar and New Calabar are different places within Nigeria but have been merged within the dropdown list of Nigerian ports, as many entries in the passenger lists simply state Calabar. She had twin propellers driven through reduction gears by six steam turbines that between them developed 3,722 NHP. Otranto then resumed her pre-war role as a passenger liner, now refitted to carry 1,412 tourist-class passengers. Private Pearl B. Horn, USA, likely taken at Fort Dade, which was on Egmont Island in the Tampa Bay Harbor. This list is only for people who came to Tasmania and Norfolk Island on convict transport ships, and were not convicts, e.g. The passenger lists in BT27 include long-haul voyages to destinations outside Britain and Europe. New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973. Just then a great wave rushed over the top and I was completely under water that was icy cold. Sgt. Otranto was in service until 1957, when she was sold for scrap. McAfee was assigned to the Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Screven, Georgia. Sorata. Edward Lewis Williams was a coal miner living in Edwardsville, Luzerne County, PA. Passenger lists dating between: 1845-1886 record emigrants selected by the Colonization Commissioners London, whose passage were paid for out of the Emigration Fund. Entering the first letter will return a list of all ships with names staring on that letter. 1 and agrees with his birth year being 1898 but offers little more information on Jennings (though they thought he was returning from WWI on the transport ship which is a mistake). Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events, All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, BT - Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies, Division within BT - Records of the Commercial, Companies, Labour, Railways and Statistics Departments, BT 26 - Board of Trade: Commercial and Statistical Department and successors: Inwards Passenger Lists, Subseries within BT 26 - Inwards passenger lists, 1929, Available to view free at The National Archives, About our He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft, Company 2, from Fort Screven Georgia. Kish was born in Cleveland, Ohio about 1899 and at the time of enlistment he lived in Cleveland, Ohio. They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict. He was a very handsome man, played the mandoline and used to whistle 'Listen to the Mocking Bird' when he went past our house. My search for him that Sunday morning one week ago today was in vain. In a letter to his mother, he tells in an interesting manner the story of the accident. I think about him a lot and keep wondering about our meeting when I get to heaven. LOC 2018696845. Men were in the raging sea and clinging to anything that would float. Arrived at Faslane for scrapping by British Iron & Steel Corp. The manoeuvring of the Mounsey was magnificent and the destroyer was in danger of being dashed to pieces her self and she was taking on water. Six double-ended and two single-ended boilers supplied steam at 215 lbf/in2 to the turbines. Only known photo of Able Seaman Thomas Goodwin, shown 2nd from left in the front row. Other services may also be available. A full account of the Johnson-Jeffries fight was received from the Macedonia's operator on Monday. London, Naples, via Suez Canal, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney. Lauch was assigned to the Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Screven, Georgia. Her name is Brooke and she lives in Napier, New Zealand. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft from Fort Screven Georgia. C1E 8B0. privacy policy, Need more context? Twentieth century lists include even more details and can give the town or county of origin, as well as the names of other family members, destination, physical description, and . He enlisted 5 April, 1917 from Ottawa, Kansas. It will be quite well in a few days and I will be able to leave here. We'd like to use additional cookies to remember your settings and understand how you use our services. Belfast, Ireland. Pearl Horn told his son that they had to re-train on the Big French guns (his description) before going to the front. One had to hold to something to keep from being swept overboard. If you are unsure how a name was spelt, or cannot find it with the usual spelling, try using the wildcard facility. After being in the water for about 2 hours he finally made it to shore looking like a giant grease ball. Horn would have joined the 57th Artillery as a replacement late in the war. Crown Copyright Images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, England. Able Body Seaman Turner was one of the last to jump from the Otranto and saw the ship and Captain Ernest W. Davidson go down as he waved to his men as he stayed by his charge to the very end. And many of these men were from the State of Georgia. He was listed as working for the Y.M.C.A. This ship had gone wrong and could not be steered, so on a raging wave she plunged right into the middle of our ship, tearing a great hole in her side. L. Baldry contacted me about his grandfather, Francis Edwin Turner who was a crewman on the HMS Otranto. I was under water for the third time. For instance, in the New Zealand drop-down list, you will see a list of ports from Auckland to Westport from which to choose. Swadner was assigned to the Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Screven, Georgia. -The following American survivors of the Otranto, all of them privates, have been landed here: Charles E. Smithson, David R. Roberts, George S. Taylor, Earle Garver, Stewart Early [Early Steward], Noah Taylor, William Cooney, Robert F. Schaun, Thomas A. Kelly, Ben Smith, Robert Brown, Joseph S. Richards, William Richards, Emil Peterson, Joseph M. He and others had climbed to the top deck on the port side. The National Archives has passenger arrival records, sometimes called "ship passenger lists," for arrivals to the United States from foreign ports between approximately 1820 and December 1982 (with gaps). She spent the last months of 1914 in the South Atlantic off the West Coast of South America looking for the German Cruiser Squadron commanded by Admiral von Spee. Generally, in our experience, cards give more biographical information than their matching lists. Let us know. The author of the preface, "William Marshal, Gent.," claims that he found a 1529 copy of The Castle of Otranto in its original Italian in the library of an ancient Catholic family in northern England. For instance, Curacao (West Indies) and Caracas (Venezuela) can look extremely similar and it is not always possible to be confident that you have identified the correct place (not least because a single voyage to the Caribbean could conceivably call at both places). BT - Records of the Board of Trade and of successor and related bodies Division within BT - Records of the Commercial, Companies, Labour, Railways and Statistics Departments BT 26 - Board of Trade:. Hirt was shared with me by Roy Pfundstein ( who was a friend of the family. In the early decades covered by BT27, you are likely to see these places written on the actual lists as Natal (sometimes abbreviated simply to N) and Algoa Bay (often shown as A Bay). The records are arranged by port or airport of arrival. Our trip was eventful until the night of the 1st when we collided with a French Schooner. If the card is for a child, you will be able to view the relevant parent's detail on the reverse of the card; similarly, if you find a parent travelling with a child, you will be able to view both sides of the card for the same charge. The destroyer Mounsey pulled alongside to rescue the men and Cpl. In addition, crew on passenger lists are not normally shown, although the captain or master is usually named on the header pages and some pre-printed and other lists do give details of senior staff. It was the lookouts from the Otranto that first spotted the German fleet. Such duplicates were written out again by hand (not produced using carbon paper). We did not suffer any damages, but the schooner was sent to the bottom. ORIENT LINE PASSENGER LIST RMS ORONTES Australia service 1953 EMIGRANTS - $97.58. 1938 The Australia service extended to New Zealand. You need to bear in mind also that a significant proportion of passengers are shown on the original list without an age - these 'blank' ages are shown in your returned results together with those of the right year of birth, so that you can consider them as well. . For Dutch ships, for example Damsterdijk, also spelt Damsterdyk, only one version of the name has been selected, allowing you to view passenger lists for both spellings with one search. Hong Kong is included under China. Passenger lists on ships continued until 1965, when cards completely replaced lists for both air and sea travel. If you don't have an account please register. Passenger List is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft from Fort Screven Georgia. Customs Passenger Lists between 1820 and 1891 asked for each immigrant's name, their age, their sex, their occupation, and their country of origin, but not the city or town of origin. First Settlers of New Hampshire. HMS Otranto men listed on the Toddington St. George Roll of Honour, Bedfordshire, England: Benjamin Lewitt, Otranto Ship's Surgeon, killed during the sinking. William Brumit was killed on 6 October, 1918 during the sinking of the Otranto. Everything went well until Saturday night of the 5th, when we found ourselves on a high sea. Victor D. continues about his father in later life, He was a successful businessman in Atlanta, Georgia, his hometown. Passenger lists before 1820 included name, departure information and arrival details. Paul F. Smith service number 793373 was killed during the sinking of the Otranto on 6 October, 1918. Help us improve catalogue descriptions by adding tags. I did have his Mandolin but at one point in my life I was really down and out and my Mom told me to sell it which I did now I wish I had kept it. Was assigned to Machine Gun Company K, 1st Kansas Infantry (Co. K 137th Infantry). This was the first time I had realized that I had been hurt. 1942 Nov.: Fitted out as an assault ship. At this time the mortally wounded Otranto was grounded on some rocks and was tearing herself apart and soon tore into two parts. His father, Henry J. Swadner, Arcanum, Ohio, was notified as next of kin of his death. Dear Mother, the saddest thing that I have to write is that I havent heard a word of brother Clyde, but I am living in hopes that he was among the number saved. A few destinations in Africa which have yet to be allocated a country are included under Africa in the dropdown list. 406. Mounsey managed to take off several hundred soldiers and crewman 431 died. Passenger lists usually give details of the overseas port to which the passenger is sailing, while remaining silent on the country in which the port is situated. Early passenger lists typically include the name of the ship, the names of passengers, ages, ports of arrival and departure, date, country of origin, and occupation. Route: Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg. She took part in the invasions of French North Africa (Operation Torch), Sicily (Operation Husky) and Italy (Operation Avalanche). Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery by Lorine McGinnis Schulze Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. Hirt's Greenhouse and Flowers. Corporal Toy C. Dilts was in the US Army Coast Artillery and on October 6th was on the Troopship Otranto when she collided with the P&O liner H.M.S. Discover your ancestors who left Ireland and Great Britain between 1890 and 1960. If you wish to search by country, simply select the country but leave the destination port dropdown at its default 'all ports within destination country' setting. Some are decorative and beautiful historical documents, others are more functional in their appearance. Accordingly, you may wish to check under both Curacao and Caracas if you are trying to find a person who went to one or other of these destinations. Journey to Australia: Tall Trees Family History DEPARTURES: 1822-1869 London, England Liverpool, England When we got on deck we found a very strong wind and high waves. A typical passenger list can be divided into three parts. The actor Buster Keaton sailed to Europe on the Otranto in August of 1918 with units of the 40th Division. September 25th saw the Otranto leaving America with a full load of troops on which, would be her last trip across the Atlantic. I have a copy of my Grandfathers letter of recommendation advising all records went down with the ship and I also have a painting of the HMS Otranto and the Mounsey coming along side. Read tagging guidelines. I remember my Grandmother complaining there was no white flour only brown, I remember seeing maple syrup in cans shaped like a log cabin with the chimney a pouring spout, that was used in place of sugar. Able Seaman Ludlow was in the British Royal Navy and was a crewman on the Otranto. The Red Cross is very good to us also, and we are certainly grateful. Passenger lists are not always clear or precise as to their exact routes and any ports of call on their way to their final destination. Cuzco. We have been treated well since we landed here. Pvt. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft, from Fort Screven Georgia. At the time of writing, these include Jones River, Plantation and Stoopville. He had served 16 years in the navy prior to the war and was called up again in August 1914. We left Camp Merritt, N.J., on the 24th of September and went to New York; there we boarded the transport that was to take us over there. As we left our dear old country and bid adieu to the Statue of Liberty in a mist of rain, so our view of land was hidden. She was Orient Line's second ship of that name.

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