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Required of all doctoral students. This course involves the use of projective instruments to assess personality functioning including an overview of the research base, administration, scoring, and interpretation of selected projective instruments. Psychometric Internship. Keith Cruise and Barry Rosenfeld; Affiliated Faculty: Drs. Developmental Psychology: Foundations. (3 Credits). This course will focus on understanding the cause and effcts of trauma and family violence, sucha as child abuse and neglect, rape, and domestic violence.Diagnostic assessment, prevention and treatment issues will be emphasized. PSYC 8202. Cognitive Assessment I treat patients with ADHD and Autism. or doctoral research in that area. Please note: Concentration specific GRE test requirement: GRE Optional: Applied Developmental Psychology; MA and PHD. must complete their M.S.E. (3 Credits). - B2B sales and onboarding of moving companies qualified to join Unpakt.comthe online marketplace for moving. Counseling and Counseling Psychology Programs, CounselingandCounselingPsychologyPrograms, Social and Ethical Responsibilities in Counseling Psychology, Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology and Education I, Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology and Education II, Qualitative and Single Case Design Research Methods I, Qualitative and Single Case Design Research Methods II, Proseminar in Psychological and Educational Services (taken twice), Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology I, Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology II, Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology III, Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology IV, Supervision and Consultation with Practicum, Doctoral Comprehensive in Counseling Psychology Exam/Assessment (clinical practice), Doctoral Comprehensive Exam/Assessment in Counseling Psychology (research), Dissertation Seminar in Psychological and Educational Services, Foundation of Professional Counseling and Consultation, Multicultural Issues in Professional Psychology, Field Experience I in Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Program Development and Evaluation. Prior approval must be obtained from the program faculty before internship. . This course provides general and specific guidance for ethical conduct in the science and practice of pyschology. (3 Credits). At FCMHC, student clinicians work under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. Research Colloquium For more information on the Health clinical major area of study, visit ourpageon the Fordham website. Advanced-level students who are exempt from all of the courses in one of the three professional tracks (consultation, counseling, assessment) must take at least one advanced-level class in that area. "Culture, Ethnicity, Race and Development" reviews how these concepts have been defined in psychological research. Applied Dev Psy Prac II. (1 Credit). To complete a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, students must meet the following requirements: Students entering with a master's degree will undergo a transcript review to ascertain if there are any additional courses that may be required. Neuropsychological Assessment With Lab. Cognitive Development. This course will introduce particpants to the methodology of systematic reviews of scientific literatures and meta-analysis--a set of techniques designed to synthesize research findings across studies as the basic units of data analysis. Students will learn and practice the administration and scoring of major personality assessment instruments. Students are expected to be in residence for their first four years, typically taking three to four 3-credit courses in addition to Clinical Topics Seminar and Research Colloquium per semester. PSYC 7940. The following courses are typically completed in the first year: PSY 6720 Ethics and Professional Orientation Credits: 3.0. PSYC 6119. Phone: 718-817-3782, Keith Cruise, Ph.D. (1 Credit). Elective PSY 6510 Assessment II Credits: 3.0. Dissertation Progress Report, Spring The PAU PhD in Clinical Psychology program has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since . Because the interaction of psychology and law is by definition interdisciplinary, this course is co-taught by a forensic psychologist (Professor Rosenfeld) and attorney (Professor Cohen), and is open to both psychology graduate students law students. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1504) biology (bio 111) Nursing Adults (NURS-C11-05) Medical/Surgical Nursing Concepts (NUR242) fundamentals of nursing (fon101) Community Health Nursing (NR-442) nursing (nur 601) biology (350) Trending. (3 Credits). Research Seminar II. The Fordham University counseling psychology program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and is based on the scientist-practitioner model. Applied Developmental Psychology. This course provides a survey of models, mechanisms, and critiques surrounding Global Mental Health. (3 Credits). Ali Khadivi, PhD, Forensic Psychology Major Area of Study (Any three courses are required; 9 credits), Primary Faculty: Drs. New York is my campus. PSYC 6780. For more information on Clinical Externships, view thepageon the Fordham website. We will examine various models of vulnerability to depression, including psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal models. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. DOI: 10.4135/9781483365817.n1424 . These positions include but are not limited to: The school psychology doctoral program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists. American Academy of Forensic Sciences This course will provide a broad understanding of human brain-behavior relationships, neuropsychological theory, and the application of this knowledge to the clinical evaluation and treatment of individuals with brain disease or damage. Review of the literature relating to the scientific evaluation of psychological programs in the areas of mental health, addiction, compensatory education, and societal innovation. The program is structured so that it is open both to those who have already completed a masters degree or professional diploma program in counseling and to those who have had no previous graduate coursework in the field. You may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts to your application while the Office of Admissions awaits receipt of your official transcripts. Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Therapy. (3 Credits). PSYC 7990. Most students also take some courses over the summer, with up to two summer courses covered by their tuition scholarship. Students who enter the Fordham School Psychology Doctoral Program without prior completion of a relevant masters degree must earn a masters degree (M.S.E.) Of the 65 graduate programs offered at Fordham University, 6 are offered online or through graduate distance education programs. Students are expected to be in residence for their first four years, typically taking three to four courses in addition to Clinical Topics Seminar and Research Colloquium per semester. Research Colloquium, Spring Factors contributing to risk for, and resilience to, psychopathology will be discussed. Subject (course) information includes any changes approved for the current academic year. This course covers a number of the areas in which psychologists consult on forensic matters outside of the criminal arena. I am a PhD candidate in Clinical psychology. (3 Credits). Identification of Child Abuse. The program of study for the PhD is informed by the American Psychological Association's (APA's) guidelines for doctoral education in clinical psychology and emphasizes the integration of scientific research and clinical practices. Students who come into the program with a bachelors degree can usually complete the program in about 7 yearsthose with a masters in about 5. A development and comparative examination of significant cognitive theories and research Structuralist, contextualist, information processing, and connectionist perspectives as well as research from infant to elderly cognition are covered. This seminar is intended for students in the psychometrics and quantitative psychology Ph.D. program. Fordham University 1 year 7 months . Internship Applications, Spring The program is based on a "scholar-practitioner" training model, with a life-span development philosophy and offers courses and opportunities for supervised practice with deaf people, with . Requirements of the area of study include completion of the clinical psychology core curriculum, along with a minimum of three courses within the forensic psychology area of study, one externship in a forensic setting, and predoctoral or doctoral research in a topic related to forensic psychology. (3 Credits). Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Faculty | Fordham Severe Weather Canceled Evening Classes and Delayed Opening, Feb. 27 and 28 More Details Faculty Home Academics Academic Departments Psychology Graduate Program Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Faculty Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Faculty Dr. Peggy Andover Students must complete a total of 650 hours of pre-internship fieldwork. M.A. The following four major areas of study are available: Child and Adolescent Forensic Neuropsychology Health Suggested Sequence of Study This course is an in-depth coverage of the major anxiety disorders, beginning with etiological and maintaining factors, as well as information processing and behavioral features, and ending with psychosocial treatment and case management. Predictors for this variable might be available at the student level (admission test scores) as well as the university level (selectivity). Furthermore, our program emphasizes multicultural counseling competencies, professional ethics, and social justice advocacy. Subject (course) information includes any changes approved for the current academic year. Finally, this course reviews non-neurologic considerations in CNS functioning and neuropsychological evaluation, including multicultural, ethical and forensic issues in clinical neuropsychology. Students apply for permanent matriculation during the semester after they complete 12 to 15 credits. (3 Credits). Hierarchical linear models provide an appropriate framework for exploring data obtained from such a structure (involving a sample of universities and a sample of students from each of the sampled universities). PSYC 7500. Graduate Algorithms (CS6515) Advanced Pathophysiology (NR-507) Financial Management Ii (FIN 440) Students will learn about research being conducted by faculty members, other graduate students, and invited speakers from other institutions. Personality Assessment with Lab. PSYC 6205. (0.5 to 3 Credits). The course will provide a detailed overview of the observed-score equating (OSE) methods and framework, and of the IRT OSE method; the assumption that underlie different methodologies and the relevant data collection designs will also be discussed. We offer undergraduates majors (BS degree) and minors in Psychology at our Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. Behavioral Assessment with Lab. Psychology and Civil Law. Class sessions include didactics, discussion, video demonstrations, and behavioral rehearsal of DBT skills. Psychological Disorders in Children and Adolescents. PSYC 7816. Topics include stress-illness, compliance, psychoimmunology, social support, and coping in disorders such as cardiovascular disease, pain, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, and obesity. Official GRE subject score:NOT required but strongly recommended, particularly for students who do not have a B.A. Violation of ethical standards may result in termination from the program. PSYC 9999. Psychopathology Brief Psychotherapy. clinical-psychology-phd. The course covers major theories of cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as empirical evidence to support methods. Clinical Psychology Extern NYC Health + Hospitals Jul 2019 - Jun 2020 1 year. Under the direction of a faculty mentor, student conducts a short-term research project, analyzes results, and prepares a report in a journal article format. This course will provide an overview of the major approaches to brief psychotherapy. (3 Credits). Andrew Rasmussen, PhD, Adjunct/Other Faculty Trauma and Family Violence. Credits: 3.0. Psychologists who work in legal settings are often confronted with questions and diagnostic dilemmas that rarely arise in traditional clinical settings. Elective (optional) Cluster Analysis is a generic term for a range of methods that use criteria, and algorithms for discovering and defining groups of similar objects, subjects, concepts, stimuli, or other entities. Director of Clinical Training. Elective (optional) For more information on the Forensic clinical major area of study, visit ourpageon the Fordham website. Clinical Topics Seminar The overarching goal is for students to gain competency working with patients presenting with a range of medical conditions (as primary or secondary diagnosis). Requires a minimum of 150 hours of supervised fieldwork in an approved setting. An overview of the primary types, causes, and symptoms of a working knowledge of the basic tools used in clinical diagnosis, including diagnostic evaluation skills in the assessment of specific psychological disorders, as well as case formulation skills from different theoretical perspectives. Our curriculum and training opportunities provide students with the scientific background and clinical skills necessary to engage in the clinical practice of psychology in a wide range of settings. Posted: February 28, 2023. PSYC 8351. I have spent the past 2 years working at Barnard College, Columbia University and Fordham university. Fordham University has an excellent reputation as a dynamic institution located in New York City. PSYC 7960. Application to the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is a two step process that requires completion of the Graduate School's Application for Admission, as well as the separate application for the Psychology Department. This class exposes students to the basic principles of experimental design and the appropriate tools for analysis of results from experimental studies. Developmental and Prevention Science. Requirements for admission are a B.A. This course covers the concepts of missing data (e.g., mechanisms of missing data, categorizations of missing data), research designs in minimizing missing data, planned missing data designs, and statistical methods in handling missing data with different types of data (cross-sectional, longitudinal, categorical, multilevel). Celia Fisher, PhD We employ the Boulder Scientist-Practitioner training model in our program. Child Psychotherapy. ADP Research Apprenticeship I. Provide basic knowledge of family systems theory as a pre-requisite for understanding family psychology and family therapeutic intervention. New York is my campus. 7 Students. (212) 636-6468. (3 Credits). We will focus primarily on the three major aspects in which psychologists are involved in the criminal justice system: competence to stand trial evaluations, mental state at the time of the offense (mens rea and the insanity defense), and the assessment of risk/prediction of future dangerousness. (3 Credits). New York, NY 10023 In this course, students will develop a theoretical understanding and practical experience selecting and administering specialized forensic assessment instruments. Under the direction of a faculty mentor, student conducts a research project not directly related to either the second-year project (PSGA 8050) or the doctoral dissertation. Psychology Research Methodology. Psychology and Juvenile Justice. PSYC 7250. Developmental and Child Psychology. Internship Students gain the expertise to enter professional practice as psychologists and independent researchers through coursework and extensive supervised experience. Students can specialize in one of four areas through elective courses, selecting an appropriate externship, and by conducting either their master's or doctoral research in that area. Behavioral Medicine. Externship II Because we are located in the heart of New York City, students have close geographical access to wonderful opportunities for excellent clinical training at some of the best training sites available, including college counseling centers, schools, hospitals, VA hospitals, community mental health centers, and private practice locations. Disgust is considered a primary emotionthat is, all cultures have similar expressions and experiences that characterize the presence of disgust. Subject (course) information includes any changes approved for the current academic year. 5 Students. PSYC 8070. PSYC 8203. This course mainly covers what is commonly referred to as the classical test theory (CTT). These two prerequisites may be taken concurrently with program coursework. Clinical Topics Seminar The course will cover a variety of topics involving research methodology and design. PSYC 7950. PSYC 6253. Current and former students may login to show their courses taken, where relevant, in the Bulletin. Email: [emailprotected], Dr. Peggy Andover | Dr. Rachel Annunziato | Dr. Natasha L. Burke | Dr. Christopher Conway | Dr. Keith Cruise | Dr. David Marcotte | Dr. Haruka Minami | Dr. Dean McKay | Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt | Dr. Andrew Rasmussen | Dr. Elizabeth Raposa | Dr. Barry Rosenfeld | Dr. Amy Roy | Dr. Molly Zimmerman. (3 Credits). This course will provide an introduction to the roles and activities of professionals in applied developmental psychology. Tel: +1 (212) 678-3000 New York State laws and regulations dealing with reporting responsibilities will receive special emphasis. Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) Overview Requirements Concentrations The doctoral training program in clinical psychology is a single program that prepares students for and makes them eligible to take the New York State Licensing Examination in Psychology. Requires minimum of one day per week for 15 weeks in centers or approved assessment setting. Externship VI Keith Cruise, PhD, MLS, Affiliated Faculty American Psychology-Law Society (APA Division 41) Test equating methods are used to produce scores that are comparable across different test forms. (3 Credits). Consistent with APA Division 41 guidelines, our students have the opportunity to work with outstanding forensic psychologists, including board-certified forensic psychologists. A continuation of research apprenticeship I and II for all students in the Applied Developmental Program taken witin the first two years of study. Email: [emailprotected] ADP Research Apprenticeship II. PSYC 6280. PSYC 6010. (3 Credits). PSYC 6390. Psychotherapy Theories. (3 Credits). Hands-on activities include the formulation of research problems, design, data collection, analysis, validation, and report writing. Students are assessed three credits of tuition charges for each semester of enrollment in the Dissertation Seminar. First-year students in the clinical area are required to take the following specific proseminar courses: Psy 601, Psy 602 or Psy 603, and Psy 605. The categorical data refer to contingency tables or any Likert-type data. PSYC 6060. Current and former students may login to show their courses completed, where relevant, in the Bulletin. This course provides a didactic and group supervision structure that addresses students developing the range of clinical skills that sequentially prepare them for an internship and, eventually, independent practice as a psychologist. Research Practicum II. These include binary data (sick vs. not), ordinal data (coarse Likert scales), nominal data (answers yes, answers no, answers dont know), and count data (how many events in a given amount of time). Clinical Diagnosis. PSYC 8044. The program espouses the scientist-practitioner model, which is viewed as most appropriate for achieving our students goals. Celia Fisher and Andrew Rasmussen, Professional Organizations PSYC 6830. PSYC 8081. Clinical Topics Seminar (3 Credits). For more information about graduate-level psychology, pleasevisit our pageon the Fordham website. PSYC 8213. PSYC 7122. It will concentrate heavily on specific techniques and regimens developed especially for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Our graduate degrees are a highly selective, research-intensive program, offering an M.S. Externship (18 credits), Research Practicum (3 credits), Dissertation (6 credits), and an APA-accredited internship (2 credits) brings the total to the 89 credits required for graduation. (3 Credits). (1 to 3 Credits). Clinical Psychology. (3 Credits). Current and former students may login to show their courses completed, where relevant, in the Bulletin. The semester will be divided relatively evenly between the reviewing case law and legal standards and issues related to clinical practice. Missing Data Analysis. PSYC 6530. Fordham is my school. Clinical Psychology Intern . Requirements will include weekly reflection papers, a term paper, and an exam. Program Description Degree Awarded: Psychology, PhD Bayesian Statistics. Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) The doctoral training program in clinical psychology is a single program that prepares students for and makes them eligible to take the New York State Licensing Examination in Psychology. Clinical Externship I. Pers. Licensed clinical child psychologist; PhD Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland. The doctoral training program in clinical psychology is a single program that prepares students for and makes them eligible to take the New York State Licensing Examination in Psychology. Our faculty is dedicated to helping students form their professional identities by honing their special interests and talents and upholding high ethical standards. Students are admitted to the clinical program within the psychology department rather than to a faculty member's lab. Students who entered the Fordham school psychology doctoral program as certified school psychologists may be exempted from some of the practice-related coursework. Throughout, we aim to connect students own research activity to recent substantive and methodological developments in personality science. Prior to beginning work on dissertation, each doctoral student prepares a written proposal of the research project and discusses it orally at a meeting of the seminar. The program actively seeks students who have demonstrated an ability to excel academically, are dedicated to developing their research and clinical competence, and whose primary professional goal is to work in an applied clinical, research, or academic setting within the field of psychology.

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